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Troubleshooting of Conveyor Drum

  The conveyor drum can effectively transport goods or materials in the process of use. The conveyor drum is simple in structure, convenient in installation and good in use experience, so it is often used in all walks of life. However, the conveyor drum is also prone to some failures after being used for a period of time. Here we will find some simple solutions to the failures.



1、 Faults of the reducer: the reducer is the power transmission device of the conveyor drum, and it is a driving force. The reducer is usually damaged by gears or bearings. If it is used improperly and the gap is too large, the normal operation of the reducer will be damaged. Generally speaking, the problem can be solved by replacing the damaged parts in time.

2、 Motor failure: the failure of conveyor drum motor is often manifested as the motor cannot start normally or stops slowly after starting, the motor heats up, the motor makes abnormal noise, and the motor is burned. Generally, it should be handled according to the situation, considering the voltage, whether the motor friction is too large, or whether the transient current suddenly increases.

3、 Hydraulic coupling failure: mainly manifested as oil leakage, too large slip or failure to transmit torque. We can check whether it is due to damaged seals, loose oil plugs, cracks in the housing, or heavy load caused by long-term overload operation. The working fluid in the auxiliary chamber cannot enter the working chamber.

The conveyor drum has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed and light operation. In the drum field, the combination with the conveyor can greatly improve the user experience.

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