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1、Talent strategy:

Talent concept: talents are the most valuable wealth

Employing mechanism: the competent, the average, the mediocre

Employing standards: having both ability and virtue, and putting virtue first

2、Growth mechanism:

Always adhere to the talent strategy of cultivating, attracting and exploring people, and strive to provide more opportunities and space for the growth and development of each employee. Take the career promotion of employees as the main line to enable everyone inside to become talents and develop.

3、Talent cultivation:

Regarding talents as the cornerstone of enterprise development, we will conduct systematic induction training, tutorial guidance and systematic on-the-job training for them, provide them with full guidance for their all-round development in the company, and help employees grow and develop faster.


Adhering to the principle of letting employees share the company's growth, we will provide employees with competitive compensation, assessment, employee stock ownership plan, recognition and reward for outstanding employees, and a learning and development system dedicated to improving all employees.

5、Employee benefits:

Social insurance, provident fund and enterprise annuity

Lunch allowance and physical examination

Recreational and sports activities, team travel, holiday condolences, birthday congratulations, visits to sick employees

Training funding, professional internal and external training and communication

Five day working system, paid leave

Talent introduction, recruitment and transfer

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