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Xingdeshun is a manufacturer of roller assembly line conveyors in Shenzhen, which is committed to providing rollers for our customers.

Industrial applications

Xingdeshun provides various turning conveyors for users in many industries around the world every year

Production strength of Xingdeshun

Nine years of professional experience has always been committed to bringing high-quality transport roller products and technical services to a wide range of industries

  • Lean production
  • Customized on demand
  • Good service
  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Production workshop

  • Folding conveyor ladder

  • Double row sprocket roller

  • Single row tooth power drum

  • Quality assurance

  • Professional and efficient

  • After-sale service

  • Telescopic belt conveyor

  • Double speed chain conveyor

  • Multiple chain assembly line

Entering Xingdeshun

Xingdeshun always insists on "creating value for users and being an excellent supplier"

      Shenzhen Xingdeshun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of various drums, drum lines, electric drums, mining idlers, conveying equipment and spare parts.

      Assembly line rollers: tapered roller, unpowered roller (galvanized roller, stainless steel roller, aluminum roller, plastic roller), power roller, telescopic roller line, electric tapered roller, adjustable accumulation roller, stacking roller, grooving roller, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant roller, anti-static roller, rubber coated roller, heavy roller, head and tail wheels of turning belt conveyor, roller conveying ladder, Fulai wheel, universal ball, fluent bar, etc. It is applicable to the power and unpowered roller conveyor for turning at various angles, warehouse logistics rack, etc. Mining belt conveyor accessories: flat idler, tapered idler, nylon idler, buffer idler, troughed idler group, U-shaped idler group, automatic centering idler group, hanger, driving wheel, tensioning seat. Applicable to: coal mine, sand and gravel yard, concrete mixing station, grain station, etc


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