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What should be paid attention to when using the telescopic roller line

  As a kind of roller line, the telescopic roller line needs to follow certain details in use. Although many users have used other roller lines, if they do not know the telescopic roller line very well, it is easy to make mistakes in the use process, resulting in damage to the telescopic roller line, causing unnecessary losses. What problems should be paid attention to when using the telescopic roller line?



1、In the process of use, it should be operated at a certain ambient temperature, not at low or high temperatures.

2、Overload operation is not allowed, and there is no impact and large periodic noise during load idling.

3、Install the telescopic roller line correctly according to the correct installation method.

4、Check before each use to avoid frequent starting and braking. If errors occur in the use process, they should be checked and solved in time.

5、Keep the environment around the telescopic drum line clean to avoid damage caused by dust and entering the equipment.

6、Replace and add lubricating oil regularly.

Pay attention to the use method when using the telescopic roller line. Only the telescopic roller line in good operation can reduce damage, extend the use time and give play to the use advantage of the product.

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