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How to do the daily maintenance of the conveyor

  Conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously conveys materials on the assembly line. Because of its advantages such as convenient installation, simple use, strong bearing capacity and long service life, it is often used in all walks of life. However, as a kind of machine, conveyor also needs to be maintained just like other machines. What should be done for daily maintenance of conveyor?



1. The conveyor shall be watched by fixed personnel during operation. Find and solve problems in time, so the caretaker needs to have some technical experience.

2. When transporting materials, the conveyor should be transported evenly. It is forbidden to operate for a long time beyond the standard. If irregular goods are encountered, they should be packaged for transportation.

3. Do not hit any part of the conveyor, including the drum, by gravity.

4. Frequently observe the operation of each component, check the connecting bolts at each place, and tighten them in time if they are loose.

5. After the conveyor runs for a period of time, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced or added.

6. Do a good job of daily inspection and registration, and assign it to the specific responsible person.

7. Clean and check after use.

There are many processes for daily maintenance of the conveyor. The main task is to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. However, attention should also be paid to the maintenance skills and methods during the maintenance process.

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