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Common problems in running in period of electric drum

  As the power tool of the transmission equipment, the electric roller has been used in all walks of life. When many customers first bought the electric roller, they did not know its performance and use matters very well, which led to various problems in the normal use process. In fact, doing a good job in the grinding period will avoid many problems.



The rapid wear rate of the electric roller is mainly due to the excessive torque during the processing, assembly and commissioning of parts, which increases the mutual friction between the surfaces of parts, thus accelerating the wear of the roller.

Poor lubrication of the electric roller is mainly due to the fact that the newly installed equipment is not well lubricated, or the lubricant does not form a uniform lubricating layer on the surface of the parts.

When the equipment is running, it is loose, the size of relevant parts is different, or the equipment is unstable due to impact, vibration, thermal deformation and other factors.

Except for the quality problems, most of the common problems that are easy to occur during the running in period of the electric drum are caused by incorrect operation. The installation should be in accordance with the correct operating specifications, and the inspection and maintenance should be done in time when using, so as to ensure the normal use of the electric drum.

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