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Preparation before using the tapered roller

  Before using the tapered roller, a series of preparatory work should be done to put it into the normal production process. If the preparation is not made in advance, it is easy to have problems or failures in the use process, thus damaging the tapered roller. What preparatory work should be done before using the tapered roller?


1. After installation, it is necessary to test, check and register all parts of the drum.

2. Carry out the no-load load test of the tapered drum, and it is qualified after the test is completed.

3. Keep the ambient temperature within a reasonable range before running the tapered drum.

4. Check whether the control line, protection mode and loading configuration of each part are reasonable.

The correct installation and use of the conical roller can not only ensure the service life of the product, but also give full play to the advantages of the conical roller in the use process, so as to rapidly promote the work and production.

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