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What aspects should be inspected when using the power drum

  Power drums are a common type of drums in daily use. There are also many types of power drums, which are suitable for many environments. Many customers will debug the product after installation, and then rarely carry out maintenance. This is harmful to the product. We need to maintain the product in a timely manner to check whether the product can meet the normal needs. What aspects should we check when using the power drum?



1. Inspection of installation structure: each time you use it, you should make sure whether it is firmly installed, because if the power drum in normal operation is not firmly fixed, it is easy to have problems.

2. Lubrication inspection: each time it is necessary to inspect the lubrication of the power drum to see whether it can operate normally, whether the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient, and whether the oil seal is sealed normally.

3. Mechanical test of shell or part of shell: this includes strength test, and the operation condition to see whether there is noise and whether the sealing is not tight.

4. Temperature inspection: it is required to inspect the temperature of the power drum, including the temperature during normal operation.

The inspection of the power drum can ensure the normal use of the power drum. There are many inspection contents and methods. The above contents should be paid attention to frequently. The inspection of the power drum is also to ensure that the product can reach the service life.

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