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Reasons for abnormal temperature of power drum

  Power drum is a very common conveying equipment, which is widely used in many industries. During the use, we will find that the power drum has abnormal temperature, which not only affects the normal operation, but also affects the service life of the drum. What is the reason for the abnormal temperature of the power drum? How to solve it?



1. When the power drum heats up rapidly under normal load but does not exceed the normal working temperature, it should also be stopped immediately to check and find out the specific situation.

2. When the temperature of the equipment exceeds the allowable working temperature during operation, it shall be cooled manually in a timely manner, and then the problem shall be solved in a timely manner.

The reason for the abnormal temperature of the power drum is usually caused by mechanical equipment failure, sudden increase of friction, voltage and current problems, excessive load and other reasons. If the temperature is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the operation in time and find out the problem, which is easy to cause the power drum can not be used normally.

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