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What should be paid attention to when transporting the turning belt conveyor

  After selecting the turning belt conveyor, we need to transport it to the place where it is used. We know that each part of the belt conveyor needs a certain cost. If the handling method is incorrect, it is easy to damage the product and affect the normal use of the turning belt conveyor. What should we pay attention to when transporting the turning belt conveyor?



1. Try to put the product in a packaging box with bufferable materials around it. Do not stretch the end cable during the stretching process to reduce the damage to the product caused by the outer package breakage due to uneven stress.

2. Confirm that the handling facilities can bear the weight of products.

3. Firmly fix the rope on the shafts at both ends according to the correct lifting method.

4. Reduce the possibility of violent shaking during transportation.

The above problems should be paid attention to when transporting the bending belt conveyor, so that the product can be completely transported to the place of use and play its performance.

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