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Measures to reduce conveyor damage

  The conveyor plays an important role in the whole assembly line. If the conveyor has problems, it is not only difficult to maintain, but also requires high costs. Therefore, once problems occur, the customer's evaluation of the conveyor will be very poor. Therefore, how do the drum manufacturers reduce the damage of the conveyor? What are the measures?



1. Add or replace lubricating oil in the bearing of the conveyor regularly, and remove impurities in the lubricating oil.

2. Check whether the coupling and bearing of the conveyor are correctly installed.

3. Check whether there are impurities or dust in the whole conveyor, and clean it in time.

4. Regularly check the operating temperature and vibration value of the conveyor. If it exceeds the normal range, stop the operation in time for further inspection.

The above measures can effectively reduce the damage of the conveyor. In addition to the normal use of the conveyor, the maintenance of the conveyor is also a very important work.

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